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    If you love animals, then a visit to Thailand is not complete without a journey to our little piece of paradise.

    Here at Elephant Valley we work hard to develop an incredibly special experience for our visitors and also for our precious elephants.

    At our elephant sanctuary we allow elephants to experience a new life which is natural, stress free and unique in Thailand as we are completely orientated at giving them a full and satisfying life.

    A visit here revolves around following the herd through their daily routine while your personal guide narrates their goings on, making the EVT the perfect place to relax, unwind and learn about these amazing animals up close.

  • Relax, Learn and Enjoy!

    During your stay with us here you will be shadowing our family of former logging and riding elephants as they wander through the forest, graze in their very own grassy paddocks and relax in our unique location.

    Proceeds not only go towards providing our herd with an amazing place to live, but will also go towards elephant conservation efforts that are geared to providing the species as a whole with a secure and sustainable future.

    We work hard to make sure every penny you spend with us counts towards helping elephants as a whole, come visit and learn more about what kind of future for elephants we are building!


    We find that people’s initial reaction when they see an elephant is that they want to get up close and personal and give the elephant a hug, kiss or pat, however here at the EVT we like for the elephants to do that on their own terms.

    What does that mean? To be honest it means that we keep interactions between visitors and elephants to a minimum as 90% of the time they like to eat quietly in a middle of a grass field while you watch on from a safe distance allowing the elephant to live its life how it wants to, it is an incredibly positive experience and very different to the majority of pay to play with elephant expereinces you find in thailand. You will see behaviour and experience elephants in a way that is just not possible elsewhere in Thailand!

    As a true elephant sanctuary we don’t ride our elephants or make them perform in shows or do tricks such as painting, dancing to music, riding bicycles or swimming in rivers with visitors but instead we allow them to live undisturbed in their natural environment.

    This is a rarity in Thailand where most elephants are used either in logging or in the tourist trekking industry.

    So come and enjoy some time with our amazing elephants and help be part of an effort to make our sanctuary a destination for elephant care and conservation.