Mor Poo Two

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    Young Teak trees, Banana Trees, Bamboo and also bananas.


    First brought to sanctuary for rest and has just ended up staying. 

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Mor Poo Two is a big Chiang Rai elephant. She towers over the others and is very difficult to hide. She is also fiesty, pushy, rambunctious and always a fun elephant to watch and is just perfect for our elephant sanctuary.

Sometimes you just meet an elephant that just gets it. From the first day that Mor Poo Two arrived she basically just turned to us and went : “Ill go and eat the grass and you hoomans just leave me alone?!?!?” and that basically is all we have done. Never before have we seen an elephant here or in our in our sanctuary fit in so well and just so quickly. Mor Poo Two is also really great for the other elephants as while she is bigger and does have to spend more time eating she is more pushy and inspires lots of natural behaviour.

It’s always good to have friends that hug you that little big harder!

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself!