Our Flagship Elephant Sanctuary is the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia.

  • The next step!

    Elephant Valley Thailand is closely modelled on the founding ethos’s and good practices that have been established at the Elephant Valley Project. Our goal is to adapt and amulate the lessons learned there to the unique situations and cultures we find with the Karen and Northern Thai peoples here in Chiang Rai, investing in them and their environment.

  • Largest in Asia

    The EVP is the largest captive elephant sanctuary in Asia with just over 1500 hectares of forest, grassland and bamboo groves. With only 10 elephants that means each elephant has more space than any other elephant sanctuary to roam freely in.

  • Most charitable

    The EVP is the most charitable elephant sanctuary in asia with 50% of the monies raised going to good causes outside of elephants. More than 2400 receive full health care coverage, we sponsor 300+ school children and build poor people homesas well as being a major employer. We consider ourselves a key part of the community we live in.

  • Serious Conservation

    We are also the most serious about conservation investing heavily and considerably in protecting the Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in conjunction with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Ministry of Environment as this forest hosts serious numbers of wild elephants.

  • Cambodia ?

    If you heading to Cambodia we highly recommend you make time to travel out to Mondulkiri to some of the largest expanses of remaining forest their is left on our planet and go and witness what great works we are doing with the people and elephants there!

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